Artist Statement


Art has the power to capture an ephemeral reflection or fleeting shadow, maintain a moment and catch a glimpse of possible transformation— see things in new light. As an artist, I combine color and texture to create art that initiates a connection to a time and place of desire, beauty, enchantment and seduction. I trust my creative spirit and process to bridge connections between my realms of experience and observations.

I make use of visual language to recognize the transient beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills and Konza Prairie with the goal of awakening interest in the history and natural science of this complex prairie ecosystem and inspiring my audience to take action for preservation. My art looks beneath the surface and reaches into the spiritual pocket hidden below ground.  I am dedictated to a personal creative process that forges connections to sense of place, history through art making


I’m never without a sketchbook. I am constantly drawing and recording wildflowers, gradients of a rock or wildlife. Sometimes the drawings are left as process drawings in my sketchbook and other times they develop into collage paintings or sculpture. I use a camera and sketchbook to capture the many moods of the prairies from the spring burning of the fields, sweeping storms, and then quick bloom of the wildflowers. I am inspired by the repetition, rhythm and balance in nature and many layers of composition of the prairies.


My work demonstrates command of artistic media, techniques and tools to inspire a visual and emotional connection. I have no fear of developing large scale sculptural objects or tiny delicate displays. I harness my creative spirit by reading and studying history, science and art history. Sometimes my work is about the method, process and manipulation of tools and materials. I explore different media, study the emotive use of color and push materials to the limits. Art is the resulting connection between design and inspiration—that expressive essence of time and place using collage and color.


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